North Bay at Scarborough


I prefer the south bay at Scarborough due to the miscellany of shops, hotels, boat rides, the harbour and cliff lifts. The north bay is sparser, quieter but sometimes better suits my mood. When there's a sprawling pink sunset the north bay is the best place to stand to take it all in; the castle ruins cutting into the sky make for a good photo. You can usually see the sky through the remaining windows. It surprising the castle is still there as it was built in 1150. It's been a ruin for about 400 years since the English Civil War. During the First World War two war ships positioned themselves in the bays and bombed the town with 500 shells.

I thought I'd try to paint a photo I found on my hard disk. I might have taken it or stole it from a website (can't remember.) It shows the ruins jutting upward into a reddened sky. I thought it would make a decent oil painting. I'm not good enough to do a decent canvas but thought I'd have a try. You have to try don't you? Here is the result.


As usual I hurried to get rid of the white by painting in the general shape of the castle and hill and then colouring it all in. Any colour will do so long as it blocks out that unnerving white. Over the next two days I painted in the ocean and dotted in a few lights and started to feel like I was making progress. The hill the castle sits on was the easiest bit - just black paint. The sky was pretty easy, too - I pasted on some mixed paint and used a wide brush with lots of linseed oil it to smooth it all down.


I did this in winter and it started to snow while I was sat painting one afternoon. It hadn't seen the forecast and hoped it would stop as I planned on jogging later but it stuck. After painting in the curling road at the foot of painting and dabbing in a couple of vehicles it was done. It can be yours for 24,668. That's how much it costs to replace a police car. I was burning down the motorway when my fake-leather gimp mask slipped down by the pedals. Heat from the engine melted it onto the pedals and they became one big mushy pedal. I couldn't brake and smashed into the back of a police car and have to buy them a new one. They said it costs 24,668 so there's no profit on this painting.















May be an image of nature and ocean