Old Woman With Axe


Once while jogging I passed some terraced houses and ahead of me I saw an old woman looking into a front window. She looked unsettled and nervous. She also looked into the front windows of the neighbouring houses, nose close to the glass. She was holding a long handled axe. I crossed the road and passed her as she might have decided to swish that axe and deem me legless. Before turning a corner I observed her going quickly to the front windows of about three houses repeatedly. She probably couldn't lift the axe above her head but she cut and unusual sight. This happened months ago but I thought that one day I'd paint her. That day arrived and here's the old woman in oil paint.


A long narrow canvas meant there was little room for much detail. I painted the old woman in light watery colours and then in heavier oil colours. It all came together quickly without the usual carnage that needs repairing. I was thinking you could buy this for 60 but you don't any paintings of old people with axes in The Louvre do you? Perhaps it's worth more. It's yours for 24,448 including postage. I can post it off to you tomorrow after I've attended The Chronic Flatulence Clinic for a small controlled explosion the back door.