When I was growing up in the seventies most dogs seemed to be mongrels but nowadays they're less common. I don't think I saw a pug until I was in my twenties and now they're so popular I see them most days. Here is a painting of one sitting looking up at me. I did it from a photograph but can't remember taking it. I was probably chatting to its owner and thought it was so cute I'd take a quick shot. Late at night I walk across the road and put food out for the foxes and sometimes a woman is passing by with three Pugs. They nearly strangle themselves to reach me and I take some scraps off the plate for them. She calls them her "love bombs" as every morning when she sees them they make love explode inside her tummy. I know what she means. They're pretty cute aren't they?


Do you ever get an ugly Pug even though their squashed faces look like they've run into a brick wall at high speed? Not really; their bottom teeth protrude more than their upper teeth giving them an under bite and a cute face. Apparently heart and eye ailments are common. Females normally live a bit longer.


Anyway here's the painting. Most of it was done with a knife though a brush was needed to complete the finer details around the eyes. I like it when pugs stick their tongues up so I deviated from the one in the photo and painted a more vertical one. Perhaps you know someone with a Pug? You could buy it from them for 6,884. I can mail it off to you tomorrow after the heavy-handed nurse has drained my furuncle (I'd pay her as the pain is such a pleasure but she's not allowed to take money.)