Rabbit With Ball (acrylic painting)


I was looking after a friendís rabbits while she was on holiday. To ensure roaming foxes didnít attack them Iíd go and sit in the conservatory while they had two or three hours playing in the back garden. Iíd write or meditate (not achieved levitation yet) and one day thought Iíd take some paints and see if I could do a painting featuring a rabbit, something I could complete in one sitting. Here it is.


Wanting to finish quickly I used acrylic paint which dries in minutes. As you can see I blasted the canvas with horizontal strokes (the grass), turned it ninety degrees and then daubed in the general shape of a rabbit and it was finished in record time. You can just make out the ball in the grass. Itís not my usual kind of painting but at least you can tell the animal a rabbit and not a rhino. Not sure Sam was impressed though.






Thatís the grass doneÖ


Stay there rabbit while I try to capture youÖ