Serenade In B Flat


The top three best composers of classical music are usually considered to be Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven or Johann Bach (mine is Edward Elgar.) My favourite Mozart album is Requiem which would make apt listening while being transported into the ether after death. I'm not keen on his "greatest hits" stuff - all those famous pieces that everyone knows and are often played over television adverts.


My favourite Mozart piece is Serenade in B Flat and I heard it by accident. I'd just visited Goathland on the North Yorkshire moors (where they filmed much of the Heartbeat series.) I was driving across the moors away from the village when I decided to pull in and enjoy a sandwich and a coffee. I thought the purple-heathered landscape would be bettered enjoyed with some classical music. I put on Radio 3 and Serenade In B Flat came on. I waited until the end to hear what it was called and wrote it down. It's not big and bold, a bit of a unassuming plodder but I enjoy it.


One day with a few minutes and a vacant canvas to fill I thought I'd do one of my appalling abstract paintings. Here it is. Tucked at the bottom is a flat "B" so this one is called Serenade In B Flat.


If you would like to hear it the link is here:-