Solitary Tree In Field, Lincolnshire


Here is another pit-stop painting - pit-stop meaning done quickly on a piece of ply board Id sawn from a bigger sheet. I like doing quick knife paintings so I pulled out my paint drawer in my bedroom, carried it downstairs into the lounge and got started. It was about 7pm.


The scene is a field in Lincolnshire. Id been driving through the countryside to look for a graveyard and, having got lost, pulled over for a frothy coffee and a slice of peanut butter on toast. I got out and was glad to hear little but birdsong. Flat fields ran in every direction and I immediately took a liking a solitary tree at the far end of one of them. Had it survived centuries when others hadn't? Had there once been an avenue of them to act as a windbreak? I don't know but I took a photograph of it anyway. I didn't think I'd commit it onto a bit of A4-sized wood one day but here it is....well, a version of it anyway.

I thought Id give myself a time limit and as I was watching Game On - a favourite sitcom series from the nineties - I thought Thats it - ninety minutes. Ill give myself ninety minutes. I'm not sure which came first - the end of ninety minutes or the evenings darkness. Anyway it was too dark to see clearly. I put the knives and brushes in a bowl of warm water while I waited for some bread in the toaster. Looking again at the painting while eating jam on toast I thought the clouds needed adjusting and did that the next day in daylight. It's a bit basic - I should have put a scarecrow or combined harvester in the field but it's finished and varnished now. I enjoyed doing it - William Shakespeare was right when he said, "Things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing."


You could hang this painting in your library and if guests asked who did it your could say your son/daughter did it when they were six years old. Six is a nice round number so this baby is yours for 6,000 (frame and postage are free.)





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