Sorry I Missed Your 80th...I'll Definitely Be At Your Funeral


I remember going on a coach holiday to Weston Super Mare. One the first evening we were shown to our seats in the restaurant. Normally I end up sat with other oddities but this time I found myself with a widow who was alone. She said she normally holidayed with a neighbour but she'd been offended and decided to come alone. What was she offended by, I enquired. The widow had turned 80 years old and had a little party. Her neighbour didn't show up and later said, "Sorry I missed your 80th party - I'll definitely be at your funeral." Wonderful stuff - so wonderful I never forgot it.


Here is a pit-stop (fast) relating to the above conversation killer. The balloons represent the party and the death figure represents the funeral. It was done while watching television over 90 minutes. Perhaps you could buy it for your lounge wall. When friends call round you could count how many minutes pass before they enquire about that queer little painting.