Sunrise at Scarborough


When I go away for a break I usually take my jogging stuff and go for an early morning run. I love jogging round the bays at Scarborough. If I'm early enough the beach is empty and I feel high knowing I have it to myself for a few minutes. Sometimes it's so early the chap who drives the tractor and rakes the sand flat hasn't even started. Often boats are returning to the harbour and stall holders who sell fish foods are preparing to open up. I'll run back through the main shopping precinct and see retail workers on route to shops and sometimes tramps are still asleep in the doorways.


If I go really early it's still dark and you can see evidence of the sun before it rises. You know it's rising as it streaks the sky with yellow and amber shades. Here is a photo showing just that. I can't remember taking this photo but I was probably running round one of the bays listening to music on my phone and had to stop to swap into camera mode and catch the sky.


I did this one with knives in quick-drying acrylic paint on a bit of board from an A4 frame (if you look closely you can see the two rivets where the stand is bolted to the board.) I've pushed the board back into its frame and now it's ready to post off to you for 8,888. Normally it would be 46 but my spectacles prodded Miss Jugg's left breast when I was feeding her hamster, there was a silicone burst and I had to pay for an expensive repair.