Sunset and Autumn Leaves


Autumn is my favourite season but once the leaves have been blown out of the trees it looks more like winter. When thereís not one leaf left on one tree autumn looks so sorry for itsself. Those shades of golden, burnt umber and honey yield all too easily to strong winds.


Hereís a small autumn-related painting. I only have to pick up a canvas board and want to fill it with paint so I thought Iíd do a quick abstract painting. Using acrylics which dry quickly I knew I could knock up something in about an hour. I daubed in a few random autumnal shades and as I love the sunsets at Lytham and thought Iíd force in sun somewhere. Within ninety minutes it was finished. Thirty minutes later I varnished it (you have to wait months before varnishing an oil painting.) Itís quite small so itís yours for £14,000.


Hereíre some photographs of autumn strolls on the hills around Todmorden.The last one shows a splendid sunset at Lytham on the Fylde coast.















Autumnal shades in LythamÖ