The First Flame Of Attraction



I started this over Christmas in 2011 and it took a year to finish. For some reason I didn't enjoy doing it and forced myself to work on it. I've made a stern promise to myself to finish all the paintings I start. Anyone can start something can't they?


As you can see from the second photo I was going to have a man in the distance watching the woman but when I stepped back he looked like a miniature man sat on the main hand holding the lighter. I quickly replaced him with some lampshades.


The lady is from the 1940's judging by the hat, gloves and bright lipstick. I tried to make that cigarette lighter shiny silver. You used to be able to hear the gas burning on those big old Zippo lighters didnít you? I can remember going to the cinema and in the foyer thereíd be a huge decorative ash tray almost the size of a bin lid on legs. There were ash trays on the back of every seat, too. Thick blue-grey smoke used to rise up through the projected film. Those were the days Ė watching Jaws or Digby, The Biggest Dog In The World while eating a Curly Wirley and pack of Treats. Slush had not been available in those days so I had Tizer.


I didnít have any silver-coloured paint so I had to mess about with black, white and grey to try to create a shine effect. I finished the painting and it was only once Iíd cleaned my brushes I realised I had forgotten the flame.