The Frasier Crane Painting



After watching Frasier for years on television for years (itís on almost as much as Friends and Come Dine With Me) I kept noticing the abstract painting on the wall in his apartment. Iíve always liked it and decided to do a copy for my bedroom wall. I went on the Frasier website and found ďwhat is that painting in Frasierís apartment?Ē is one of the most common questions. It was painted in the 1930s by Jack Otterson and is now owned by an art company in Los Angeles. Itís become so popular theyíre started producing prints of it.


Anyway, here it is. Apparently someone told me that when you copy of painting (not a fake but a copy) youíre supposed to make one obvious but subtle error just to show itís a copy. Can you spot it?