The Vicar Knicker Nicker



I can remember a story in the local newspaper of a clergyman who’d been found with a pile of ladies underwear. He claimed he had been collecting clothes for a charity but it wasn’t respectable to pass on underwear to the charity and he didn’t know what to do with them (yeah right). This always stuck in my memory so I thought I’d make the thief into a vicar (also "vicar" rhymes with "knicker nicker".)


When I was a lad in the seventies we had a few items of clothing stolen from the washing line (my and my sisters Wrangler jeans.)


Do you ever watch "You’ve Been Framed"? Whenever big old grannies fall over or slip off a seesaw….well, they always seem to wearing GIGANTIC white knickers….so that’s where the big white pair came from.