Do you like the trapezium shape? It's a like a pyramid with the apex taken off. As I don't like seeing a bare A4 canvas and I decided to ruin one by daubing in a few blocks and complimenting shades and then finishing off with a trapezium shape. Here it is having taken about thirty minutes.


These kinds of my-half-blind-dog-could-do-that paintings sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.....which makes this a cheap deal at 88,000 (plus 3.50 delivery.)


For the geeks properties of the trapezium are as follows:-


a) It is a 2D shape.

b) The bases of a trapezium are parallel to each other.

c) The length of both the diagonals is equal.

d) The diagonals of a trapezium always intersect each other.

e) The adjacent interior angles sum up to 180.

f) The sum of all the interior angles in a trapezium is always 360.