Trapped Heel



Many years ago I was walking up Bar Street in Scarborough one Saturday night. On the pedestrianized area I saw a woman in boots suddenly stop and let out a mild yelp. She made light of it for she was with a gaggle of friends but her closed eyes and pursed lips said, “Just my luck.” She had to step out of the boot and give it a good pull to release it. This scene has always stuck in my mind.


I also saw the astrologer Russell Grant walking up Bar Street but I’m not a fan and didn’t request an autograph.


Look at those skinny pink flamingo’s legs; the woman is in need of pies and pasties. They’re too scrawny like Kate Middleton’s - it’s a wonder they can hold up the body above. I like red London buses and decided to put one in the background.


As a man who never wears heels I never think about avoiding grids. When I’m out walking the whippets we always avoid cattle grids. Snapping a heel in a grid must be nuisance but snapping a leg must be excruciating.