One of my early jobs found me working in an office with three women. Forgetting I was there they'd talk openly about womanly subjects. Once they got onto the topic of past boyfriends and how they had met. One woman said she'd been on a night out and went to find a taxi at the taxi rank. Waiting there was an attractive man but no taxis. When he saw her his back straightened and he said, "Nice boots,".

   "I just bought them," she replied.

   When he stared at her chest and continued to say nothing she realised he'd said, "nice boobs."

   "You're unbalanced!" she barked at him and stormed round a corner. A few months later she bumped into the same man in a pub and they shared drinks. At one point he said, "You don't remember me do you - you screamed at me that I was unbalanced." They had a laugh about it and even went out on a few dates.


I thought I'd do a quick small painting called "Unbalanced" and here it is. That ball looks like it's going to roll down left as the surface it's on is unbalanced.