Sitting at my desk one night with an hour before bedtime I felt restless and creative. What can I paint? I thought. I only have to pick up a bit of canvas board and get the urge to cover it with paint. That morning I'd seen a lady vicar being interviewed on television. She was wearing the usual jet clergy shirt but it was given relief with a green cardigan and a pink belt. For some reason I'd remember those colours. I slapped a board on the easel and got started while watching a documentary. It didn't take long however the following day in sunlight I saw a second coat of paint was needed.


In the photos youíll see Jack Ruby. That Colt Cobra gun he used to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald was sold at auction for $220,000 about twenty years ago. In keeping with those numbers you can buy this painting for just $22,000. Itís dry and ready to post. I can mail it off tomorrow after my elephant manure sculpturing class.






Pipi seems to like it...