You're In The Army Now


I bought the Status Quo LP You're In The Army Now as I liked a single on it called Red Sky (it still sounds brill.) It was one of the last records I bought before compact discs killed them off. I copied the album onto a C60 cassette and played it on my stereo in my bedroom. It's one of those stereos that turns over the cassette and plays the other side. If you're too lazy to get up you soon get acquainted with the whole album as it plays repeatedly (this doesn't seem to happen anymore - do people still use cassettes?)


One day I'd been jogging and listening to the title track In The Army Now and something must have lodged in my brain. Two or three hours later I got out a canvas to do some doodling and found I'd painted some colours that resembled army camouflage colours. Where do you go from here? I wasn't sure. I had a night to sleep on it. The following day I got out some red paint, dabbed on a couple of bullet holes and some dribbling blood. It was finished; I couldn't take it any further. Another one for the attic and the spiders. I enjoyed doing it though.