†††† Death/burial locations

†††† Noteworthy locations

†††† Victoria Cross graves


Crying Woman at Wythenshaw Hospital



Kite Caught In Tree


Thirsty Gull


Glum Woman Wearing Purple Scarf


Oh, To Be Left Alone


Lovers In Long Grass


Child With Box On Head


Seagull With Sausage


Cows Investigating Tent


Stained Hotel Bed


Businessman With Great Dane


Sunset Over Venice


Toilet Paper Hanging From Woman's Dress


Wind Turbines At Cornholme


Tower Blocks At Night


A Slice Of Pizza


I Should Have Put A Cork In It


Vicar and Woman Holding Hands


Thick-Thighed Lady Stood By Car


Owl Flying In Daylight


Don't Accept Drinks From Men Or You'll Wake

Up Bleeding


Trafalgar Square In The Evening


Woman With Head Down Grid



The Bride Stones at Todmorden


Stag Below Watchtower at Lyme Park



Stag at Lyme Park


Blackbird on Greenhouse




Woman With Prada Handbag Scratching Bottom


Boot's Folly in Early Autumn


Coastal Drive


Dog Making Its Mark


A Murderous Afternoon


Secretive Man Eating Kitkat


Beaten Man In Toilet Cubicle


Dung Beetle


North Bay at Scarborough


Fouettes and Pirouettes


Evening Traffic


Dobbie Lying On Shed Roof


Boots Folly


Going Out


Chatter Natter Flatter


A Couple Of Cupcakes


Drunk Man Holding Onto Post


Is That Jesus?


A Slice Of Chocolate Cake


Moon Over Suburbia


Old Woman With Axe


Crashing Waves


Boat Race




Man Up Ladder Without Underpants


Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake


Scarlet Stilettos


Black Teardrop


Two Fried Eggs In A Pan


Nightingale Singing



FAB Lolly


Sunrise At Scarborough




My Wife, The Only Thing I Got Right


No Room For Flowers


Unfussy Pussy


Gaddings Dam in Winter


More Buildings At Canary Wharf


Bees and Azaleas


March Violets



Cayton Bay


Beef Stew Suits You!


Knickerbocker Glory


Strawberry Milkshake


Robin At Stoodley Pike


Belle Drinking From Toilet



Glum Woman Wearing Purple Scarf


Cat Watching Cigarette Smoke


Skyscrapers Under Pink Sky


Cheeky Cow




Scarborough Lighthouse


Hay Bales At Staxton




Nuns With Hoops


Solitary Tree In Field, Lincolnshire




More Me, Vicar!


Brighter Later




Woman With Dress Trapped In Car Door


Watching The Tide Go Out




The Only Enemy Is Time


Lighthouse at Beachy Head (knife painting)






Rabbit With Ball




A Bit Of Battenberg


Man With Plunger




Drop Dead, Gorgeous


Bridge at Ladybower Dam




The Safe Blower


Kingfisher On Signpost






Easter Eggs In Amsterdam




Toe Talk


I Call Mine Fluffy




I Am By Your Side


The Arab at Harrods




Bad Hair Day


Abstract painting (copy)




The Erection Injection


Two Women In Blue Dresses Beating Up Man




Larkinís Underpants


When Iím Close To You This Is All I Want To Do




Unimpressed Cow at Jodrell Bank


Woman Saving Kitten




Privacy, Peace, Paper - Perfect


Tramp Wearing Tie




Sunday Afternoon In The Park


Harvested Field, Humberside




Velvet Kisses and Heartbeat Misses


Kind Of Blue Without You




Interview, Tight Skirt, Jobís Mine, The Manís a Berk


Man Chasing Piglet






Toilet Talk




Lovers Looking Out


Spoon Jar Jar Spoon




Pigeon Resting On Fence


Belly Bashed, Face Mashed, Skin Gashed,

Nose Slashed, Body Splashed




It Will Go Away If We Ignore It



I Love You So But Canít Think Of Enough Ways To

Let You Know



Champagne Makes Me Dance Then Lose My Pants


Penguin Checking Egg




Thanks For The New Knockers, Doctor Blockers!


Tomato Skins Donít Agree With Me




Cherry Lips Plump And Proud, Only Kissing Allowed


Over you my eyes first fell (6)

Over You My Eyes Fell, I Felt My Heart Lift and Swell




Tears For Mr Ploppy


For The Love Of Books




Danger Unexploded Underpants


Cat Licking Paw





I Was Paid For The Kill


Think Pink Sink Wink Drink Clink Link




The Nosy Maid


FTTC (11)

Floating Through The Final Curtain




Happy Birthday To Me


I Think Youíd Better Go Home, Twinkle Toes




Mother putting son to bed (11)

Mother Putting Son To Bed


Tiny dancer 6

Tiny Dancer




Trapped Heel


The Night Visitor (6)

The Night Visitor




Narrow Boat With Red Door (6)

Narrow Boat With Red Door


Bruised plums (7)

Bruised Plums




Woman stuck on fence (9)

Woman Stuck On Fence


NIMC (13)

Nothing Interrupts My Cigarette




Twinkling Twirling Teasing Tassels  (7)

Twinkling Twirling Teasing Tassels


Gondola At Bridge (8)

Gondola At Bridge




She married him  (8)

She Married Him To Stop Him Getting Away, Now Heís There All Day


Round Lump Feasting On Round Rump (6)

Round Lump Feasting On Round Rump




Maid striking gong 9

Maid Striking Gong


Woman running away from rat dropping hamburger (7)

Woman Running Away From Rat Dropping Hamburger





Sorry Madam, I Didnít See Hairy Thing..I Mean Anything


You Dont Look 8a

You Donít Look At Me Like That Anymore




Emotion Overspill


Reading in bed 10

Reading In Bed




Not a chance NOT A CHANCE 9



Not a Chance Ė Not a Chance!


This World Is Not For The Innocent




The Priest and the Prostitute 6

The Priest and the Prostitute








Crying Woman In A Paris Hotel Room


A Wall to Steady Myself 5

A Wall to Steady Myself





Can I Walk You Home?


I'm kissing you goodbye 4

Iím Kissing You Goodbye


A is for apple B is for 5

A is for Apple, B is for Basques, Basques are for Ripping Off


Pink ball Centre Pocket 4

Pink Ball, Centre Pocket




Will you strip for me 3

Will You Strip For Me?


First date nerves dressed in curves 3

First Date Nerves, Dressed In Curves




I need you tonight 5

I Need You Tonight





In Your Dreams, Dick Head





Big Thrills, Heart Fills, Blood Spills, Love Kills


Adoration 5





There's Nothing Left To Say 5


Black eye on my wedding day 5

Thereís Nothing Left To Say


Black Eye On My Wedding Day




Houses of Parliament 2

The Houses Of Parliament


I'm Pregnant 3

Iím Pregnant!




Dancehall 6

All Nighter at the Astoria


Don't Be Shy 4

Donít Be Shy




First Flame Of Attraction 4


IImpressive jugs 4

The First Flame Of Attraction


Impressive Jugs




How could you 6


Praying Nuns 5

How Could You!


Even Jesus Hates Sprouts




Room Service 5


Escape From Death _ end

Room Service, Can I Order An Undertaker, My Husband is Dead.


Escape From Death




The Butterfly 4


Vases 5

The Butterfly


The Frasier Crane Painting




Coffee two sugars please 4

Coffee Two Sugars, Please




Blackpool Tower 5

Blackpool Tower Tall and Proud


Looking for crabs 5

Looking For Crabs



Goodbye Darling 6

Goodbye Darling




Spitfire Memories 3


The Night Cafe 3

Spitfire Memories


The Night Cafť (Van Gogh copy)




Man on a bench 3


Isabella 4

Man On A Bench









Steaming Through The Valley 4


Nina Pretty Ballerina 5

Steaming Through The Valley


Nina Pretty Ballerina




The Vicar Knicker Nicker 4

The Vicar Knicker Nicker


Mum I Thought You Were At Bible Class 4

Mum I Thought You Were At Bible Class!




Coffee and cigarette 5

Coffee and a Cigarette



Liquorice Allsorts Overdose




Slipping away 3

Slipping Away


Two Drunks 2

Two Drunks In The Road




The Scream - End

The Scream (copy)


The Face At The Door 02

The Face At The Door




Trouble In The Trenches 2

Ttrouble In The Trenches (pencil)


The Beach At Trouville 3 end

The Beach At Trouville (Monet copy)




The Bog - 6

Toilet Door Sign


Hollyoaks Heat 5

Hollyoaks Heat




Scarb 5

Scarborough Ė South Bay



Table For One, Conversation With None, Now Youíre Gone




I Want Candy Floss


House On Hill At Todmorden








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