Scarborough's South Bay



The moment my eyes fall upon the south bay at Scarborough I feel like Iíve just swallowed a spoonful of vanilla ice cream drenched in melted chocolate. Looking down on it I can feel it beckoning me down and when Iím down on the sand itself I can feel the curve of bay being like a giant arm around me.


I get excited about seeing that bay while driving up to Scarborough but the thrill ramps up a little once I pass the Morrisons store on the outskirts of the town. No matter which hotel Iíve booked myself into I firstly drive to the Esplanade Road at the end of Prince Of Wales Terrace, park up and absorb the panorama.


Here is a painting of a photo I took. I wondered how I was going to squeeze all those roofs onto a canvas as wide as the keyboard Iím typing these words on. I suppose sometimes you just have to jump in and not think about it.